Getting Started

What type of files are allowed?

We prefer zip files but pdf, doc, txt, html, mp3 and others can be uploaded. We suggest files under 1gb but can go as large as 2gb.

How big can the files uploaded be?

We suggest files under 1gb but you can upload as large as 2gb per file if you use BoxTruck's file hosting. It will take longer to upload the large the file is.

Can I host my own files?

BoxTruck offers the ability to host your own files. If you choose to host your files on your own servers and let BoxTruck handle the automated emails go for it. This should keep your space requirements lower and save you some money by using a cheaper BoxTruck plan.

How many times can an order be downloaded?

Each digital order placed allows the file to be downloaded 3 times. This helps ensure the url is not shared with others. You have the option to reset the download limit by resending the download email should a customer need it reset.

I am not receiving orders

Only orders for products listed in BoxTruck with a digital file will be recognized. If you had the products setup make sure your webhook is properly installed on your storenvy admin settings page.

I need more space or a custom plan?

We can customize a plan to fit your specific needs. Just let us know.

I don't have a Storenvy account, can I use BoxTruck?

BoxTruck was built to work with Storenvy. So head over and get your free store on Storenvy and start selling today!

Other questions?

Send additional questions to